Sometimes Magic Happens

Sometimes Learning is Magical

Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, learning can surprise us.  It can take our breath away with little epiphanies or flashes of insight.  Sometimes we learn when we least expect to, from unlikely sources, in ways we might never foresee.

Sometimes the magic comes with bells and whistles, like a loud, colourful circus and we sit enthralled as the magicians mesmerise us and do the seemingly impossible.  But perhaps, more often, the magic is in the mundane, ordinary, everyday events that we so easily take for granted. 

Kevin Vallence and Russell Deal, Sometimes Magic Cards Instruction Book

St Luke’s Innovative Resources

Sometimes magic happens when:

    • I am believed in
    • I am encouraged
    • I am heard and understood
    • I am in a learning environment
    • I am learning what is relevant to me
    • I am open to new experiences
    • I am respected
    • I ask questions
    • I believe in myself
    • I build on what I already know
    • I can practice what I am learning
    • I can see the progress I have made
    • I can take small steps
    • I can understand the language
    • I celebrate success
    • I don’t give up
    • I get started
    • I give feedback
    • I have a good teacher
    • I help others learn
    • I know my strengths and use them
    • I know what I want to achieve
    • I learn because the time is right
    • I learn in ways that suit me
    • I let others help me learn
    • I look at things differently
    • I play
    • I recognise that everyone learns
    • I reflect on what I am learning
    • I respect other learners and teachers
    • I seek feedback
    • I take risks
    • I want to learn

Sometimes Magic is a set of 32 colourful cards designed to sharpen our insights into how learning occurs through the eyes of the learner.  We all have different learning styles and people learn and think in significantly different ways depending on the individual’s social and physical contexts.

Yet there are times when different learning styles and their implications are overlooked.  For teachers and facilitators Sometimes Magic is a great tool for unlocking the needs of learners and stimulating curiosity.

The 32 cards raise questions about how different people learn and are designed to be conversation prompts to help build communication between people who are learning together.