Workshops and Speaking

I love to experience the magic that happens when we’re deeply engaged in learning that’s inclusive, fun, purposeful and relevant.  Teaching and facilitation is my passion and there’s nothing I enjoy more than connecting with you.  I know the possibilities for learning together are endless when we feel safe, respected and genuinely valued as unique individuals.

But most of all, I’m always inspired by the transformations that take place when we each feel empowered to creatively integrate what we learn into their own lives and communities.

At Optimise Learning, I deliver and host Workshops, Masterclasses, Open Days, Tours and Convivial Conversations to empower self-reliance and resilience for individuals, families and communities.  Planned for small groups, these are practical, boutique learning experiences tailored to your interests and needs.

Some themes and topics include:

    • RetroSuburbia
    • Permaculture in Practise
    • Garden Farming (Growing Abundance in Your Own Backyard)
    • Living a Nurtured Life
    • The Art of Facilitation

I’m also a regular Guest Speaker for many Community Groups and Events

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss all options and possibilities.

Special Topics of Interest

As a Guest Speaker and Workshop Presenter, I have many years of personal experience that underpin the quality of my practical programs. 

I’ve enjoyed presenting at international, state and regional conferences, and to groups ranging in size from full auditoriums, to large teams and small community gatherings.