Learning Designer

Beautiful Learning Design is like a natural ecosystem where every element is interconnected and works in synergy.  When learning is mindfully designed, it is alive and evolving and uses patterns and rhythms to connect complex concepts and relationships.

As a professional Learning Designer and Consultant I’ll support you by designing vibrant and innovative courses and workshops that will engage and delight participants. 

I’m able to design full courses, practical workshops or short presentations from start to finish, or assist you with any of the following components:

    • Creating a cohesive visual identity to enhance your authentic voice using memorable branding, graphic design, eye-catching flyers and effective course materials.
    • Embracing Presentation Zen concepts to create beautiful slide presentations with master slides, embedded videos and powerful imagery.
    • Curriculum planning, scope and sequence development, timetables and schedules.
    • Creative integration of storytelling, metaphor, cognitive hooks, cooperative learning strategies, and appropriate selection of tools (resources, activities, processes, templates, ice-breakers, energisers and unexpected surprises).
    • Planning logistics; where, when, why, length, budget, resources, food, safety, amenities and all the little but important things that ensure success.
    • Creating inclusive spaces so all learners feel safe, respected and genuinely valued as unique individuals (with a special interest in supporting people with disabilities).
    • Catering for multiple intelligences, various learning styles and diverse personalities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss options and possibilities.

Experience and Expertise

As a Learning and Development Professional, I have many years of personal experience that underpins the quality of my Learning Design

I adore beautiful aesthetics and enjoy using Adobe Create Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop), Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook), WordPress and Social Media platforms to enhance your personal brand

My designs will empower a consistent, authentic voice that makes you, your brand and your courses and workshops distinctive and memorable.

Portfolio of Work

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