I’m always delighted to find a downy Dandelion puff-ball dancing gracefully in the sunlight. 

I absolutely adore the Dandelion! 

It stands alone as such a unique plant, but also feels so familiar and evokes playful childhood memories.  

The Dandelion is a master survivor, thriving on all continents but Antarctica, and revered in many cultures and throughout history for its medicinal, nutritional and magical powers.  

But most of all, I think the Dandelion is an almost miraculous representation of unlimited potential as its seeds float on gentle breezes towards future possibilities.


As Long As There Are Dandelions

In 1988 when I was a mother of two young children, I read this poem in a parenting newsletter. Something about its message to treasure the most important but simple things in life prompted me to snip it from the pages to keep as a special reminder.

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